Brother-Sagar Group Tree Plantation 2022 at Chobhar, Kathmandu | Celebrate Earth Every Day
3 May, 2022 (Baisakh 20, 2079 B.S.) by
Brother-Sagar Group Tree Plantation 2022 at Chobhar, Kathmandu | Celebrate Earth Every Day
Ruven Shilpakar, Nexus Incorporation Pvt. Ltd.
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With the slogan "Celebrate Earth Every Day" in mind, the Brother International (GUFL) FZE, together with Sagar Group,

Kalanki conducted a Tree Plantation Program on April 29, 2022 (Baishak 16, 2079) at Chobhar, Kathmandu.

Pic. Sagar Group Team with Brother International (GULF) FZE Representatives during the Tree Plantation Program 2022 at Chobhar, Kathmandu

The Brother and Sagar Group contributed to Sri Aadinath Community Forest to continue their positive efforts to build a park full of green trees plantation on the current hill. This will improve the local ecosystem and help make a sustainable future possible.

Mr. Kennosuke Hirano, the managing director, and Mr. Bhavik Matani, Regional Sales Manager of Brother International (GUFL) FZE were the special guests for the event. Along with Mr. Sagar Dev Lakhe, founder and Chairman of Sagar Group, and the entire Sagar Group team, everyone participated in the plantation program enthusiastically.

 Pic. Welcoming Mr. Kennosuke Hirano - Managing Director of Brother International (GULF), Mr. Sagar Dev Lakhe - Founder and Chairman at Sagar Group, and Mr. Bhavik Matani - Regional Sales Manager at Brother International (GULF) FZe

The main goal of the plantation program was "to raise awareness regarding our environmental protection and contribute to a better sustainable future".

Although Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year, the slogan "Celebrate Earth Every Day" focuses on the fact that every day is a day to look after our home planet, and we don't have to wait for a selected day. Everyone should contribute to a better and sustainable future whenever we can. Our efforts will help create a better environment for the new generations and influence them to value and care for our planet.

Some glimpses of the Tree Plantation Program have been collected below:

 Pic. Gallery of Brother-Sagar Team enjoying and working together during the Tree Plantation Activity

Pic. Short speech by the head of Sri Adinath Community Forest (to the left) on the importance of tree plantation

Pic. The Plantation Program Team flaunting their Tshirt with their main slogan "Celebrate Earth Every Day"


Video clips of the tree plantation event

Sagar Group is also involved in various CSR activities for the betterment of society. The Brother Group also makes efforts directly in environmental and biodiversity conservation activities contributing to the SDGs in various parts of the world, cooperating and collaborating with local communities and NGOs. You can learn more about it on the Brother Earth website here.

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