SAGAR Group Welcomes it's New CEO Mr. Payash Lakhe!
15 April, 2021 (Baisakh 02, 2078 B.S.) by
SAGAR Group Welcomes it's New CEO Mr. Payash Lakhe!
Samia Rai
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SAGAR Group would like to wholeheartedly welcome and congratulate our new CEO Mr. Payash Lakhe towards a new beginning as SAGAR Family. We can overcome obstacles big or small with a great leader at the helm. And that is exactly why we are extremely happy and honored to have him with us in our future endeavors.

His input is going to be instrumental in moving this company up to the next level. We know he will be a huge asset to this office, navigating through all the challenges to guide us towards success. A team’s structure, attitude, and ability all start at the top and we are grateful to have him here to set an example for us all to be inspired from. 

Our team of enthusiastic and loyal employees who are willing to learn from one of the best under his wing is sure to be the best combination a corporate can have. With our dedication and a vision we all share, let’s welcome a new turn towards a successful journey.

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