Message From CEO

Welcome to Sagar Group!

Much has happened at Sagar Group since our establishment, including the bushing out of 13 sub companies in various sectors, Sagar group is at present a reputed name in the world of IT distribution companies of Nepal. We anticipate that our group of companies will become a landmark for innovation, growth and   conveyance of quality service and products in Nepal for many years to come.

In our over 20 years in Nepal, we have earned a great degree of loyalty and trust from the business community. We truly appreciate your support and pledge a commitment to continuing our service , support and providing you outstanding products as a whole. We are highly engrossed   in bringing the best and finest IT products to the hands of Nepali consumers according to their needs .We believe in mutual respect and trust between people inside our company walls and beyond through which we can create a never ending relationship with our clients, customers, partners and coworkers.

We look forward to an exciting and busy end to 2017 and wish a prosperous period for all.