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Korea - Totolink

Totolink provides reliable quality, intuitive and smart software, competitive price with industrial level manufacturing quality. It has grown exponentially over the years. With increasing customer demand, Totolink entered China Mainland, Taiwan, Rumania, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Nepal, and so on.

Supported by three R&D Labs and highly motivated group of people, Totolink offers a complete range of broadband Wi-Fi solutions that fit customer’s unique requirement.

Totolink is a South Korea based wireless signal transmitting organization that advances in technology over time. Totolink is a brother band of ipTIME which wins over 80% of SOHO markets in Korea. The purpose of Totolink is to not only manufacture and sell internet router but also to provide the best internet environment for all customers who purchase its products with the purpose of satisfying customers to the core. Internet Router products are not only enough to provide quality service if all it does is fire Wi-Fi signals only.

The firmware that can cope with the newly changing Internet environment is required for supreme quality service. It is necessary to have a customer response system that can handle instantly when an Internet failure occurs. Totolink tries to give its best to continually redefine quality products & services through robust and always available support and re-innovate the existing technology with the steady development of new products.

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Updated June 2019