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► Singapore - Micropack

► Singapore - Micropack

About MicroPack:

Micropack is leading IT Equipment Manufacturer Company based in Singapore that specializes in Mobile Accessories and Computer Accessories. The company believes in evolving itself with technological change going on in the IT industry. It has been building products that surpasses excellence and not only does it satisfies but impresses its consumers. Micropack was first registered as a company in Hong kong back in 2011, with the product design and R&D centre located at Indonesia. The company's production lines have been established in the industrial district of Guangzhou, China.

Sagar Distribution Pvt. Ltd has gained the sole-distributorship of the brand Micropack for Nepal. All the products rendered by MicroPack can be consumed by Nepali Tech-Consumers through the Baleyo.com franchise, i.e www.baleyo.com the online and IT retail store and 5 Baleyo stores located in Kathmandu Valley. (Refer to: http://corporate.sagar.com.np/our-company/it-retail-store.html ) The Company which is raging forward has a vision of Enriching urban living with the best digital accessories worldwide and becoming the first choice of IT accessories for the consumers in the industry. The Brand is now open for the Nepali Consumers.

Products Rendered By MicroPack:

Mobile Charging Accessories:

Charging Accessories built by MicroPack have been tested and are proven to give you charging your mobile devices in the speed of 1:3. The Charging devices also have a smart IC that can determine the amount of current required for fast charging.

1.Quick Charge Multi-USB Chargers
2.Wall Chargers
3.Travel Chargers
4.Car Chargers
6.USB- Cables

Laptop Accessories:

All the Laptop accessories created by MicroPack are designed using cutting edge technology keeping ease of use and comfort for the user in mind. For instance, mouse of this brand has been manufactured with the double lens technology, this technology provides higher life-span to the mouse compared to the rest. There is a wide range of Micropack laptop accessories available:

• Wireless Presenters.
• USB-C Converters.
• Keyboard.
1. Wireless Series
2. Wired Series

• Mouse
1. Wireless Series
2. Wired Series
3. Retractable Series

Earphones and Headphones.
• Strong, Durable, Anti-tangle, Anti-break, Anti Twist earphones.
• Sliding Volume Earphone
• Bigger Bass Earphones
• Excellent Sound HeadPhones.

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