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With more than ten years of experience in manufacturing high-quality Pashmina (Cashmere) scarfs, shawls, wraps, and blankets. We produce such products with the help of a small home and cottage industry and then make these products reach the local markets and people who travel to Nepal from across the world.

We tend to keep simplicity at our core and abide by our motive of uplifting the local community by expanding the reach of their products. The entire production process follows all safety rules and regulation and does not harm anyone’s right in any manner. No animals are harmed during any of the production processes. Moreover, we also strictly monitor and make sure no child rights are violated throughout the process.

To deliver products that are of the highest quality possible, we use raw wools that are collected from ‘Chyangra,’ also known as the Himalayan goat which is domesticated by local people. The locals naturally shed they're under fleece during springtime. This process also benefits the goats as their wool never stops growing, and it is not maintained, it disrupts the living of that particular goat.

The locals gather the raw material by combing the goat and not searing with mechanical equipment. Each production stage is critically monitored and carried out by people who have extensive experience. Our final products undergo strict quality check procedures conducted by our artisans so that the quality is maintained. We have various collections of scarfs and shawls that are hand spun and weaved from cashmere, wool or acrylic blend. These shawls are not only soft, light and cozy but also trendy. So grab one and make a fashion statement this season.

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Updated June 2019