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Edify Media Pvt Ltd:

Edify Media is a Marketing, Planning, Designing and Advertisement company located in Master-Marga, Kathmandu, Nepal. Since its establishment in 2011, it has effectively provided Marketing and Advertising solutions to several brands and business organization. Among one of the most reputed marketing agencies currently in Nepal, Edify Media has been serving the local businesses successfully for more than 8 years now. Starting as a small firm to promote only a group of companies, Edify evolved in that process. Now, it is open to people and independent business entities throughout the country, helping everyone in building a great brand.

Meticulous working procedures and expertise in both indoor and outdoor marketing has helped us to successfully cater clients owning both small and large business. Professional teamwork, reliable data bank and secure backup system have allowed Edify Media break all the barriers to achieve new heights and strengthen customer relations. Edify provides all kinds of services. Not only that it provides every kind of advertising and marketing service but also works on planning and designing of Events, Expos, and Seminar under one roof so that customers do not have to experience any hassle.

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Updated - May 2019