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► Credits Technologies

Credits Technologies

Credits is the fastest and most scalable blockchain platform for development and execution of decentralized applications based on blockchain technology with internal cryptocurrency CS.

With the advancement of e-commerce and technology, transactions grow messy and unreliable. But not anymore. Credits brings a new era of blockchain technology that seamlessly integrates with the process of development and execution of decentralized applications.

In essence, blockchain technology is a list of records or in other words, blocks which contain cryptographic information of previous block, time and date and to make this block secure, the blockchain is irreversible. This means that the data once recorded cannot be modified. This technology carries out a massive 1.3 million transactions per second.

This technology also integrates smart contracts and is efficiently designed to perform self-executing contracts in association with public data registry. Credits offer the storage of any data, whatever it is, in the form of  blockchain records and keeps it secure with its unique technology of keeping everything decentralized, distributed and encrypted.



Updated June 2019