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Vertebral Massage (Back and Neck) - Oil
Shirodhara with Head & Feet Massage
Body scrub
Body Scrubs - Natural Fruits Therapy

Massage and treatment have long been considered as a healing factor for many conditions. Using soft-tissue manipulation techniques, massage is a very effective way of reducing stress, fatigue, and muscle pain. It also helps with blood circulation and eases neurons. It is suitable for people of different activity level; sedentary, mildly-active, or highly-active.

 Some of the key benefits of massage and treatment are as follows:

-        It is Beneficial for people with muscle tension, shoulder and neck pain.

-        All seven massage movement - touch, stroking, friction, kneading, percussion, vibration, and joint movement.

-        The herbal stamp massage is a historical treatment from East Asia.

-        Energy and regeneration of the skin cells.

-         Boosts metabolism and blood circulation as the removal of scoriae.

-        Suitable for people who indulge in short/long treks or tours.

-        A mixture of Thai and Ayurvedic Massage.

-        Relief from a long and tedious road journey.

-        Alleviates muscle discomforts such as tightening, stiffness, and knots.

-        Amplifies relaxation and relieve insomnia.

-        Reduce anxiety and depression caused by hormonal changes.

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