Discover the story of Sagar Group

Sagar Group revolves around people, sincerity, technology and sticking to the fundamentals. We started as an initiative, an ambition to understand Nepali market and to offer optimum solutions and new experiences through ceaseless innovation.

We are reaching out to discerning consumers with keen sensibilities - people who continue to explore new activities and take on new challenges to experience more and achieve a better life. We have developed our brand image gradually and consistently, always to communicate, “Possibilities: Unlimited.” Sagar Group is contemporary yet authentic, always evolving its fundamental philosophies to the modern arena.

We consider our associates our biggest competitive advantage, and it's our responsibility and privilege to take care of them. From segments like IT & Technology, Cyber Security & Surveillance, ERP & Customized Software, Smart Health & Lifestyle, Retail Organized Market, Event & Marketing, Hotel & Hospitality, Education, and Finance, Sagar Group’s list of associates is vast. We believe in inclusivity and diversity. Besides, we also are associated with global brands like Brother, Kaspersky, Konica Minolta, NEC and several others.

Why We Could Be A “Better Partner” For You In Nepal? 

We are in continuous endeavor to create success stories of brand from diverse business verticals. 

Awards & Achievements

We have managed to accomplish quite a few awards and achievements through our long journey. You can know about all the awards and achievements here.

ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company

ISO 9001:2000 is an international standard of quality; a certification that companies in many different industries aspire.