Annual Holi Refreshment Programme 2021

Productivity and efficiency of employees go hand in hand with the office culture and working environment. While there are always the visions and missions we go after with determination and hard-work, stressing and focusing on the same thing might not always be an answer. This is the exact reason why every corporate always leaves some days to let everyone have fun, slack off and get rid of the work stress. These little getaways are a great way to motivate your staff and keep them engaged and enthusiastic. And that is why we at SAGAR Group focus on these small celebrations keeping things interesting throughout the workplace. 

Holi, a celebration of colors, splashes of joy and happiness. A day to celebrate the bond of family and friends to make way for an amazing year among us. A day that we as a family came together to celebrate the festivities, and the milestone of decades behind us. Extremely festive environment, we organized a full day with fun activities from playing with colors to lucky draws. We also shared an afternoon with our seniors sharing their experiences throughout the decade of their journey. It was a truly insightful evening for us all. There were also a lot of new faces, and with our annual event, we are hopeful that they did share an equally interesting evening getting a better view on SAGAR visions for the coming days. With these small events, we hope to showcase a better understanding and implementation of workplace culture. We aim to offer our employees a mission and vision to stand by and encourage them to achieve each milestone we set. And with our Annual Holi Refreshment Programme 2021, we hopefully achieved it.

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