SAGAR CSR Takes Initiative To Fight The Pandemic For SAGAR Family

SAGAR Group stands strong for over a decade as one of the leading distributions with multiple reputed brand names under it. The credit to this successful decade-long venture of course goes to all the loyal and hard-working employees who always shared the same vision and paved the path towards achieving the goals. As we have always said, without our corporate family,  SAGAR family, we would not exist. And like we always have, we would like to continue our journey together as a family sticking together during all the happy and even the toughest time.

As we all are going through the difficult pandemic period, we as a member of the SAGAR family initiated a small token of love to show all our family members how their contributions are extremely invaluable for us. We arranged a care package of all the essentials that will come in handy to fight through this difficult time. Delivering these packages to all of our employees is our way to thank each and every one of them. As the saying goes, our employees or our corporate family are the glue that keeps a business together, this initiation is our heartfelt gratitude. Although this is nothing compared to all the years of dedication our employees have offered us, we hope our appreciation is showcased through this small gesture.

Let’s stay strong and come out even stronger! - Sagar Family

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