Checklist for Exit Process

Employee Exit Process 

offboarding manages the employee experience at the end of their tenure with the organization. Offboarding covers all the steps necessary to successfully part ways with an employee following their resignation or termination.

When employee leave, there is three things:

1. Pre Exit Process

2. Exit Process

3. Post Exit Process 

1. Pre Exit Process 

  1. Notify their team 

  2. Review Contract 

  3. Determine who will be replacement 

     (Who will take over the old employee’s role?)
  4. ERP through Resignation Create 
  5. Approved Should be by HOD/Line Manager (1st Approve HOD, 2nd Approve HR)
  6. Notice Period (Talk with HOD - 1day clear/1week/1month)
  7. Notify company team from Notice Board
  8. Communicate with Clients 

     (If the employees was client facing, create a plan of action for notifying their clients and managing        the clients handoffs)


2. Exit Process 

   1. Exit Interview

   2. Return company equipment  (Last day of the staff)

   (Laptop, Sim, Id Card, Visiting Card, Mobile Phones etc.)

   3. Clearance Form (Finance, IT, HR, HOD)

   4. Notify Insurance for removal from Insurance 

   5. Full and Final Calculation 

      - PF & Gratuity

      - Leave Encashment

      - Tax

      - Resignation to last day salary calculation

 3. Post Exit Process

   1. User Deactivation in ERP

   2. Next cloud and Email Disable 

   3. Remove from Viber Community

   4. Remove from Biometric Devices
   5. Release Original Documents

   6. Provide Experience Letter 

   7. Provide Reference Letter

   8. Facebook/LinkedIn check