Compensation, benefits, Perks and other services

Compensation, benefits, Perks and other services

46.Allowance and Services to member of BODs

Annual general meeting of the company will decide the allowances and services of BODs. BODs can change the allowances and services time and again.

47.Duties, rights, emolument, allowance and services of Executive Director

Emolument, services, allowances and other contingent expenses of EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR will be as per the decision made by BODs.

Duties and measures of EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR will be as per the appoint letter and term of reference provided by BODs.

48.Emolument and allowances of employee

Emolument and allowances of the employee working in the company will be in accordance to the bylaw. Such emolument and allowances will be mentioned in an appointment letter while appointing that employee. Based on the employee designation, work ability, skill, experience and academic qualification the scale of emolument and allowances will be non-identical.

Emolument and allowances of an employee can be differentiate based on seniority, performance appraisal, job nature and work experience. This clause is also equally applied for work based and part time employee.

The payment to the employee will be made through bank after the end of month.

49.Income Tax and other taxes

Emolument and allowances of the employee will be paid after deduction of tax in accordance to the prevailing law of Nepal.

50.Daily Allowance and Travel Allowance

Looking at the nature of the job BODs can decide daily and travel allowance for employee, advisor or consultant. BODs can revise daily and travel allowance time and again. Employee, advisor or consultant should take travel approval from EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR or personnel authorized by EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR before travelling.

In case travel days have to be extended, the employee should take an approval from EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR to extend their travel days. Unless an employee settled the advance for previous travel, advance for next travel will not be approved.    

51.Festival Allowance

Employee working in the company will be paid amount equal to one-month basic salary of that employee as a festival bonus.

Festival allowance for employee whose tenure in company is less than a year will be paid on prorate based on their total working days.


Employee working in a company is provided with medical insurance equal to rupees one lakh and accidental insurance equal to rupees seven Lakh.

53.Prize and Perks

BODs or EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR can allot cash prize or other form of prize to an outstanding employee working in the company.

54.Change in existing benefits

Management of the company can alter the facilities and services of an employee working in the company in accordance to the market position, government policy, labor act and laws.

55.Medical Facility

Manager will manage the first-aid support and immediate medical support to an employee for work place hazard and injury. Full salary will be paid to an employee whose treatment will be carried in hospital and half salary will be paid to an employee whose treatment will be carried in house.


57.Vehicle Fuel Benefits

To those employees whose nature of job requires them to use their personal vehicle for official purpose, Sagar Network provides fuel expenses as per the log book maintained.


All employee having to move out in the field during official operating hours with the exception of the fiber team employees are eligible for fuel allowance



Employee working in company will have grade as per their level. Grade will be equal to half day basic salary of the employee. Grade will be accommodated if an employee gets promoted and if employee is not promoted one grade will be added on every year completion.

59.Facility at Financial Crisis

Management committee can dismiss or withheld the facility such as medical, vehicle maintenance, fuel and other facilities in time of financial crisis because of any reasons.