Laptop Usage Policy - Draft

Laptop computers provide important functionality, allowing employees to have their computing resource at hand in meetings/workplace or even at home in certain time pressing situations so as to enable employees to be maximally functional and productive while away from office premises.

The policy describes the controls necessary to minimize information security and laptop damage risks. Laptop computers may be viewed as an essential and convenient business tool, but their very portability makes them particularly vulnerable to physical damage or theft.  The impact of such a breach includes not just the replacement value of the hardware and software but also the value of organizational data on them, or accessible through them.

This Policy and the procedures herein affect all employees who use laptops for official purposes.    Employees are also advised that in addition to the terms and conditions of laptop usage as reflected in this Policy, employees shall also have to adhere to any terms of their respective employment agreement which mandate or restrict any action in this regard.

An employee using company-provided laptops is responsible for the security of that laptop, regardless of whether the laptop is used in the office, at one's place of residence, or in any other location such as a conference room or while traveling. This Policy contains certain guidelines and restrictions on the usage of the laptop that are required to be strictly adhered to by all employees while using these laptops.

Intended Use of Laptops
Laptop shall be the property of the Company at all times and the employee will not have any right or interest in the said asset except using such asset during the employment or for such duration as may be decided by the Company. Employee must ensure that the laptop is being used only for official purposes and in the course of the rightful discharge of their duties and not for generating, transmitting, corresponding any content that is contrary to Company policies.  This may lead to the employee being subject to disciplinary or any other appropriate action as per Company policies. 

Laptop Security Controls

All laptops acquired for employees on behalf of the Company shall be deemed to be Company property. Each employee issued with a laptop shall be responsible for the security of that laptop, regardless of whether the laptop is used in the office, at the employee’s place of residence, or in any other location such as conference room or airport, etc. Employee shall ensure the security of the laptop in each of the following domains as per the stated guidelines. Laptops must compulsorily be protected by a username and password.  

Laptop Taking Home Policy
Staff are not allowed to take office laptop to home until the permission is granted by their respective Supervisor or HOD. If some emergency work or some urgent unfinished work needs to be complete, in that case only staff are allowed to take the laptop to their home or employee traveling for official work are allowed to take the laptop outside the office premises.  


General Policy

  1. To ensure physical security of laptops and data therein, all employees are required to undertake the following actions:

  2. ·         The physical security of Company provided laptops is the employee’s personal responsibility. He/she is therefore required to take all reasonable precautions, be sensible and stay alert to the risks. 

  3. ·         Keep your laptop in your possession and within sight whenever possible, just as if it were your wallet, handbag or mobile phone.  Be extra careful in public places such as airports or restaurants.  It takes thieves just a fraction of a second to steal an unattended laptop.

  4. ·         Never leave the laptop unattended when using it outside the office.

  5. ·         Lock the laptop away out of sight when you are not using it, preferably in a strong cupboard, filing cabinet, or safe.  This applies at home, in the office, or in a hotel.  

  6. ·         Carry and store the laptop in a padded laptop computer bag or strong briefcase to reduce the chance of accidental damage. 

  7. ·         Employees may not take the laptop for repair to any external agency or vendor at any point in time.

  8. ·         In case of any failure, employees are required to report the same to the management.

  9. ·         In case of the loss of a laptop- be it on, or off the Company premises, due to the negligence of the employee, the Company may recover the cost of the laptop from the employee. It is the Company’s discretion to impose further penalties on account of loss of sensitive Company information.

  10. ·         If there is damage on account of the above the employee may be liable to pay the damages at cost to the Company/the same may be deducted from their monthly salary.

  11. ·         Company maintains the right to conduct inspections of any computer equipment, including all laptops it owns or manages without prior notice to the Employee who is at the time the user or custodian of such computer equipment. Employees will submit the laptop for random audit by Company to check the physical presence and the functional usability of the asset.

  12. ·      In case of leaving the employment or being terminated for any reason, employee will hand over the asset to Company in good condition failing which the Company is authorized to charge a penalty against the employee. After submitting all the official physical assets in which Laptop also falls, the staff final calculation and the clearance process will start.The Staff who fail to submit the laptop on the requested time after resignation submitted company will have full right to go take legal action against the particular staff.  

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