Use of storage facility, Logistic, Vehicle, Telephone, Internet and other services

Article 8

Use of storage facility, Logistic, Vehicle, Telephone, Internet and other services

67.Storage Facility

a)      Company will manage a storage facility to store any kind of goods of the company. The store facility will keep record of all the incoming and outgoing goods in the company.

b)      If the stored goods will be misused or intentionally damaged or handled inappropriately the cost for such damage will be recovered from an employee authorized to look after such goods.

68.Vehicle Usage

a)      All the vehicles that belongs to the company will be directed by the person as authorized by executive director. The vehicles can not be used for any other purpose except for the purpose of the company.

b)      Log book must be maintained for every vehicle. The log book must contain the information like the name of the employee who use that vehicle, purpose to use the vehicle, distance travel in kilometer of the particular day and travelled locations.

c)      The driver will be responsible to update logbook of the vehicle.

d)      Account & Finance department will provide the overhead expenses for fuel and maintenance required to operate vehicle on the basis of form approved by executive director or person authorized by executive director to approve the form.

69.Telephone, Internet, Email

Employee must use company’s telephone, internet, email for the purpose of the company.’

70. Intellectual Property Rights


All discovery, inventions, methodology, or improvements of work embodying intellectual property must be disclosed promptly, completely and in writing to the Company by all Sagar Network employees. This includes all work made individually or jointly with other employees, at any time during their employment, which relates to or has the capability of being used in the business of Sagar Network. Such inventions are always the sole property of the Company, despite whether they have a patent or not.

71. Photo, Video and Software Policy


Videography/Photography is not permitted inside the Company premises without prior written approval of the management. Defaulters will be subjected to disciplinary action up to the extent of termination. 

Any Company or personal equipment located at the Company premises should be used for business purpose only and not to download/install illegal or unauthorized programs, software or data. Downloading of personal material can be harmful and should not be done.

In an event it has been downloaded in any system, the person operating the particular computer will be held responsible for the lapse and necessary disciplinary action will be initiated against him/her.


72. Media Inquiry Policy

All public relation activities and media requests will be coordinated and managed to ensure dissemination of Sagar Network’s external communication is accurate, appropriate and in line with Sagar Network Brand.


Sagar Network employees are not allowed to issue/give press statements, give interviews, statements, or other information to any form of media on any matters connected with the Company. When members of the media contact Sagar Network employees to discuss anything that pertains to Sagar Network, those employees should direct the media to the HRD who will handle all requests in a prompt, courteous and professional manner. 

As violation of this policy has the capacity to prejudice the interest and reputation of the Company, in this regard this action will be considered for disciplinary action.

73. Social Media Policy


Regardless of whether or not a Sagar Network employee is representing the Company in an official capacity through social media, the expectation from the employee is that they conduct themselves positively reflecting the organization.


Inappropriate communications even though made on an employee’s own time and resources may be grounds for corrective action up to and leading to immediate termination.


Employees may not engage with social media at times or in ways that may interfere with their workplace