Message From Chairman

Mr. Sagar Dev Lakhe

Chairman & Founder at SAGAR GROUP

Dear All,

Warm Greetings from Sagar Group!

This is me, Sagar Dev Lakhe, a chairman of what was once a small business that has become the national powerhouse that it is today!

We, SAGAR Group started small as an institute, SCI - Sagar Computer Institute in 1995 at Banepa, Kavre with minimal manpower and funds, at the present date, only two decades later SAGAR has grown to become one of the Top 3-IT Distribution Companies of the nation. It has now earned its recognition not only as one of the largest computer/parts distributors in the nation but also as an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company.

With our headquarter located at the heart of the capital of Nepal - Kalanki, Kathmandu, we have and will continue expanding our efficient and user-friendly business network all across the country. We are constantly evolving to be better, Sagar Group has expanded its franchise in the fields of Information Technology, IT-Retail Stores, Finance and Investment, Wellness and Hospitality, Media & Event with its outstanding 14 companies in its network.

Sagar Group is a striving company with clear visions. Teamed with successful, ambitious people who can give vision both to the business and to themselves; and who can go hand-in-hand. Group success won by raising the performance of the system automatically increases the chance of success for the groups’ associates as well.

For us, Our Company is our life and we see ourselves as the company's soul. We cannot compromise for our whole life and betray our souls for short-term gain. Hence, Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, and Consciousness are the uncompromised philosophy of our company.

Integrity and Sincerity are the two ethics on which all of our business dealings depend, it means everything to us. We have an oath "Telling the truth is the ultimate selling tool". So, this path could be slow for sales, but we don't need any urgent agenda and target against our ethics and emotion as human beings.

We are not everything and we cannot do everything, but we make sure of the things we do has a positive impact on people's lives and society. We are an optimistic team who have one world goal i.e.

We look ahead to your valuable support.

Thank You!